SHA inc.


YouFab Global Creative Awards 2018

  • KV
  • Poster


The poster which is the main visual of the award expresses the “fusion of digital and physical” with the initials of the award title Y and F.

Using 3D physics simulation, we generated typography and bubbles in the form of Y and F in water, and established the distorted beauty on paper. By adopting a special glossy paper and printing technique, we added a sense of physical presence to the inorganic texture. The visual that changes color depending on the viewed angle produces a new expression beyond the domain of digital expression and craft. This poster was distributed in ten countries.



Exective Creative Director
Toshiya Fukuda [777CreativeStrategies]
Art Director
Kazushige Takebayashi [SHA inc.]
Art Director / Designer
Natsuki Isa [SHA inc.]
Shoya Dozono [Qosmo, Inc.]
Chiaki Ishizuka [Loftwork Inc.]
Printing Director
Shunichi Yamashita [SHOEI Inc. ]