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Rockin’ Beats

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We designed the jacket for the new album of GReeeeN, one of Japan’s leading musicians. This year marks the 20th anniversary of their activities, and they created the album Rockin’ Beats with the theme of facing up to who they have been and going back to their roots.

The visual setting is a movie theater. The audience is watching a movie, which is a road movie of their own lives. Their unique outfits are tributes to the album covers released in the past. GReeeeN has always wanted to encourage and inspire people through their music, so they have been transmitting their songs in a way that is close to each listener’s life and the lives of each person. Although the music they hear may be the same, what they see are their own memories. Each of them recalls those memories and expresses their emotions.

Styled in the fashion of the 80’s, when the members were born and raised, the photos express these moments of emotion with humor.The photographic world and the  gimmick of homage to the past became a topic of conversation on social media, with fans excitedly sharing their own memories of the album and listening to it back then.

今年で活動20周年を迎えるGReeeeNはこれまでの自分達と向き合い、原点に立ち返ることをテーマにしたアルバム『Rockin’ Beats』を制作。


Art Director
Kazushige Takebayashi [SHA inc.]
Kohki Watanabe [SHA inc.]
Norito Ishihara [SHA inc.]
Nanase Yamada [foton]
Go Momose
Hair Stylist
Make UP Artist
Tamayo Yamamoto