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UKIYOE EDO LIFE -The Hidden Essence-

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Ukiyo-e is often regarded as an ornamental art form. However, the latest 4K8K technology is used to analyze the pictures and close up on details that have been overlooked until now. The TV takes a step further and explains how to read and decipher the information of the time depicted in the Ukiyo-e.

Applying this structure to the poster, we designed an experience in which the viewer approaches and peers into the picture by covering the majority of the picture in black, leaving only the areas that require attention. The entire picture is printed in relief only, and the mechanism is designed to focus attention on the details of the depicted life. Also the theme of the painting is represented by the Kanji characters framing the entire picture, and a gimmick that allows the viewer to answer the questions within a single poster is also incorporated.



Creative Director
Kazushige Takebayashi [SHA inc.]
Art Director / Designer
Natsuki Isa [SHA inc.]
Kotaro Takano [Cosaelu inc.]
Digital Artist
Miki Kudo [The Elves and the Shoemaker.Co.,Ltd]
Yuta Imayuki [The Elves and the Shoemaker.Co.,Ltd]
Shigeru Isobe
Printing Director
Shunichi Yamashita [SHOEI inc.]
Executive Producer
Katsuhiko Yuzawa [NHK Educational Corporation]
Keiko Sakaguchi [NHK Educational Corporation]
Aya Okazaki [NHK Educational Corporation]
Ari Takabayashi [NHK Educational Corporation]
G. Kazuo Peña
Naoko Machida
Creative Team
Charls Glover
Kyoshiro Sato [MR.MUSIC,INC.]
Sound Designer
Takuya Takeda [Media House Sound Design]
Akihiro Yoshida [1002 inc.]