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YouFab Global Creative Awards 2019

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The main visual for the YouFab Global Creative Awards 2019. The poster which is the main visual of the award expresses the “fusion of digital and physical” with the initials of the award title Y and F.

SHA and Zach Lieberman – one of the creators of openFrameworks, an open-source C++ tool that allows anyone to create visuals with code – collaborated and desiged. This key visual was based by year’s award theme “Conviviality” – where individuals color their lives in their own ways based on who they are in order to create a diverse society filled with people with different skill sets.

YouFab Global Creative Awards2019のメインビジュアル。アワードタイトルの頭文字であるYとFの文字を使い「デジタルとフィジカル」を融合させる表現を試みている。
誰でもコードでビジュアルを作成できるオープンソースのC++ツール「openFrameworks」の開発者の一人であるZach Liebermanとコラボし、今年のアワードテーマである「Conviviality」(異なるスキルを持つ人々が集まる多様な社会を作るために、個人が自分らしく人生を彩る)を表現。


Exective Creative Director
Toshiya Fukuda [777CreativeStrategies]
Art Director
Kazushige Takebayashi [SHA inc.]
Art Director / Designer
Natsuki Isa [SHA inc.]
Zach Lieberman
Chief Technology Officer
Daiki Kanaoka [FabCafe]
Chiaki Ishizuka [Loftwork Inc.]
Printing Director
Shunichi Yamashita [SHOEI Inc. ]